Data Query Made Easy Need a simple solution to help expose your Oracle E-Business Suite data? Perplexed by the over-engineered and bloated choice of solutions?  

Introducing CS*Enquire, a simple yet effective query tool for Oracle E-Business Suite.

 CS*Enquire is an easy to use data query tool designed specifically for the Oracle E-Business Suite. It provides the user with a fully integrated and simple interface for querying the database. CS*Enquire is built directly into Oracle E-Business Suite and it available directly from the users navigator menu with a familiar look and feel to ensure the user feels right at home.

Create, Organize and Share Using CS*Enquire you can create queries that can be stored for use later. You can organize queries into Classes and Groups that can then be quickly accessed using the hierarchical Query Navigator. Queries can be stored as public, private or be made available to a specific group of users using the Query Manager. This allows you to build a library of useful and common queries either for yourself or for others across your company or department.

Easy, Integrated QueryCS*Enquire is simplicity itself; enter your SQL statement and see the results, all directly from within Oracle E-Business Suite. There is no need to use a tool that is external to Oracle since CS*Enquire is available directly from the users standard navigator menu.

Secure Enquiry Using CS*Enquire you control who can access what. Users must be registered within CS*Enquire as either Full, Restricted or Read-Only and each must be granted access to the appropriate schemas. This allows you to deploy CS*Enquire without worrying about users accessing inappropriate data.

For more information and to download the CS*Enquire datasheet, please click here.