Extreme Rapid Report/Application Development CS*Form is a unique and pioneering productivity solution that delivers unrivalled power and flexibility for building embedded extensions for Oracle E-Business Suite.

Common RequirementsAll organizations that are using Oracle E-Business Suite will at some point need to create some kind of extension to the suite, whether it is a core reporting solution or a fully functional mini-application (EBS App) and all will face similar business challenges when trying to satisfy these ongoing business requirements including lack of time, not enough resource and lack of budget.

Overcome all of these issues and enable you to rapidly respond to your business requirements and deliver high quality, embedded core reporting solutions (and more) for the Oracle E-Business Suite  with our Extreme Rapid Report/Application Development (XR-RAD) solution, CS*Form.

Users EmpoweredEmpower administrators, functional consultants, super users and developers with a small amount of SQL expertise to create solutions for their Oracle Applications environment. Replace standard and customized reports with an online, interactive alternative.

Create entire sub-systems using CS*Form’s transactional capability. Add to this hardcopy output with CS*Report and you can have a fully working solution in no time for very little cost.

Solutions in an InstantSolution development is simple, fast, efficient, high quality and consistent. At last there is a way to create custom solutions that are fully embedded into Oracle E-Business Suite. CS*Form has many powerful and very easy to use features.

Learning to become a CS*Form Builder is a task almost anyone of almost any skill level can achieve, no longer do you have to rely on highly skilled technical consultants for the solution you need.

For more information and to download the CS*Form datasheet, please click here.

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