Assignment ProvisioningAssignment Provisioning is the process of granting or revoking user access within Oracle E-Business Suite; for most organizations it is a manual process with many moving parts.

Often managing user access is done with inadequate understanding of the risks involved in granting inappropriate access and there is little to no accountability.

More often than not it is a cumbersome, inefficient and time consuming process that it is considered a major administrative overhead.

Automated Assignment Provisioning (AAP) CS*Provisum AAP is a powerful yet easy to use solution that end-users, supervisors and super users can use to submit access requests for themselves or their subordinates.

Access Requests can be routed to Control Owners for pre-approval validation and then onto supervisors and multiple Process Owners for final approval.

When used with CS*Comply, our flagship Segregation of Duties (SoD) solution, full visibility of SoD and Single Function related risk is available so better more informed decisions about any given request can be made during the provisioning process.

New EBS user accounts can be created automatically and a full audit trail of all aspects of user creation and assignment provisioning is generated along the way.

CS*Provisum AAP improves accountability and efficiency of your user provisioning processes.

For more information and to download the CS*Provisum datasheet, please click here.