Real-Time Operational Reporting for Oracle E-Business Suite CS*Rapid is a unique and innovative solution for delivering real-time operational reports and application extensions for Oracle E-Business Suite.

A Common ProblemMany users of Oracle EBS feel frustrated at not being able to access the information they need in a timely fashion in a format that is simple to understand and native to the rest of the application and for the most part they have to live with this frustration because there are few cost and time effective choices when it comes to delivering on these operational reporting requirements. Almost all organizations that use Oracle E-Business Suite will have similar frustrations.

Satisfy RequirementsCS*Rapid tackles this common frustration by enabling your organization to deliver against many more requirements than would otherwise be possible. No longer are you constrained by budgets or lack of time. CS*Rapid provides the tools you need to deliver for your end-users. Deliver on core operational reporting requirements as well as those “nice-to-haves” that would otherwise be overlooked. Make your end-users more effective and efficient.

Day-to-Day Operational ReportingCS*Rapid delivers real-time operational reporting that your users will love. Having access to meaningful data at the right time in an easy to use format is a key factor in ensuring user productivity on a day to day basis.

Rapid Really Does Mean RapidDelivering results is simple, fast, efficient and consistent. With a very shallow learning curve you no longer have to you have to rely on highly skilled technical consultants so you can deliver against requirements very rapidly.

Reduce The Load, Deliver When NeededIT teams are commonly overstretched and can struggle to deliver against every requirement, CS*Rapid reduces the burden on IT and helps ensure your end-users get what they need, when they need it.

Beyond ReportingCS*Rapid can help satisfy many requirements that go well beyond operational reporting; with its many advanced features you can create entire mini-applications for Oracle EBS in a fraction of time that would traditionally be needed.

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