Fine Grained Data Segregation & Security CS*Secure for Oracle E-Business Suite is a powerful data segregation and security tool that helps your business protect your enterprise data. Within minutes and without any coding you can define your data segregation and security policies to ensure that critical and sensitive data is appropriately protected.

Data Protection Assured Data protection is essential in today’s corporate landscape. Your business must ensure that it adheres to all data protection regulations and legislation. CS*Secure helps ensure that your data is protected across your business and applications.

Complex, Dynamic Security PoliciesCreate complex policies that react dynamically and instantly according to context. Apply your policies to the entire application in seconds or single out a specific set of forms, the choice is yours.

Zero Application ImpactImplement your security policies without impacting your application code in any way. CS*Secure security policies are created transparently at the database level, this ensures that your entire application stays intact as if nothing had changed. Zero impact, zero maintenance with maximum affectivity.

Row Level SegregationDynamically exclude and segregate rows from all queries, application-wide in minutes; for example, secure your sensitive payroll data by ensuring only certain users can view all pay elements.

Column Level HidingDynamically conceal the data in a particular column based on your own dynamic context using Column Level Security; for example, you may need to conceal an employee’s Social Security ID.

User Friendly SecurityNo special skills of any kind are needed. Anyone with access to Oracle E-Business Suite can setup his or her security solutions in minutes. The user-friendly tools are built into Oracle E-Business Suite with the standard look and feel to make users feel right at home.

For more information and to download the CS*Secure datasheet, please click here.