CS*Applications 2010/R1 Now Available

CS*Applications 2010/R1 Now Available

The latest release of our suite of solutions, CS*Applications is now available.

CS*Applications 2010/R1 includes major updates to most modules and in particular CS*Comply and CS*Audit see a number of new features and enhancements; one of the major new features in CS*Comply is our new Conflict Workbench. The Conflict Workbench is a very easy to use and powerful tool for analysing and working with SOD conflicts identifed by the Conflict Scanning Engine.

What’s new in CS*Comply 2010/R1…


  • Analyse all or a selection of conflicts
  • Inter and intra responsibility analysis
  • Inter and intra menu analysis
  • Analyse single high risk function conflicts and/or function pairs
  • Include or exclude Common False Positives
  • Include or exclude conflicts not visible on a menu
  • Detailed analysis by Responsibility, User, Rule, Menu, Function and Risk Rank
  • Detailed statistics about conflicts such as total conflicts, % of rank, % of total
  • Powerful “Linked” querying ability
  • Document/approve conflicts
  • Create exclusions
  • Interactive SoD Trend Analysis

What’s new in CS*Audit 2010/R1…


  • Maintain documentary evidence of audit trail approvals/reviews
  • Policy tagging for simplified deployment
  • Enhanced UI
  • Enhanced audit trail reporting

CS*Applications also include new features and improvements to CS*Secure and CS*Form.

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